Midlothian Angel Network is a group of several dozen accredited investors based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and all across Texas. Our syndicate backers participate remotely from all over the world.

Entrepreneurs at Midlothian

Midlothian Angel Network supports the startup community in the region and beyond by providing capital and expertise from our network to entrepreneurs that have demonstrated a compelling case for investment to grow their business. Angel investors typically engage with startups at an earlier stage than institutional investors, but also at a point where the entrepreneur has demonstrated a level of validity to their business concept funded by their own capital, hustle, market validation testing, and support from friends, family, and colleagues. If you are passionate about what you are building, have taken the steps to prove out your business, and need help to get to the next level, we want to hear from you.

How to get started

Submit your pitch deck pitch@midloangels.com

What Comes

We host a few companies to present to our group on a monthly basis. We want the process to be as efficient as possible to encourage attracting the best investment opportunities.

Keep In Mind

We do not charge entrepreneurs fees. We do not have rounds of committee meetings to run through.


Once investment interest is identified, it is our goal to work as quickly as possible through the due diligence process to help you obtain the funding resources needed to successfully grow your business.