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MidloAngels Investor's Involvement

  • Invest in your comfort level according to your plan.

  • Utilize the combined knowledge and experience of the network to help you make more informed decisions.

Successful early-stage investing is challenging and becomes increasingly difficult the earlier the investment is made in the startup’s lifecycle. The typical angel network model of direct investments in startups is only sustainable if there is strong leadership from investors with a track record of achieving attractive returns, and even then, successful participation is limited by the ability to execute on a diversified startup investing plan.

It’s kind of like betting on the new unknown horse and jockey with the low odds of winning. The potential for amazing returns are what draw investors in, successfully executing on a well thought out investment plan is what allows you to keep playing. 

This is why a strategy for building a diversified startup investment portfolio is key and utilizing ways to invest that offer the flexibility to support your plan are crucial as you gain experience as a startup investor.

Midlothian Angel Network is not a party or beneficiary of any investment transactions. MIDLOTHIAN ANGEL NETWORK facilitates an array of investment participation options ranging from direct investments to leading or following in MIDLOTHIAN ANGEL NETWORK member led syndications through special purpose vehicles (SPVs). 

SPVs also allow for greater investment diversification opportunities through lower investment minimums and a meritocratic investment structure based on participation level in sourcing through closing of the deal.

Network Member

Silver Category
$ 100 per year
  • Annual Renewal Fees for Membership
  • Access to all deal-flow.
  • Participation via direct investments on a deal-by-deal basis, subject to deal-by-deal investment minimums.
  • No transaction fees.

Angel Partner

Gold Category
$ 250 per year
  • Access to all deal-flow.
  • Autonomy to select what deals to invest in.
  • Perform shared due diligence as part of the lead investor group in MAN-Led syndications.
  • Low investment minimums.
  • No transaction fees.

Venture Partner

Platinum Category
$ 1000 for life
  • One-off payment of $1,000 that guarantees a lifetime membership access to the network.
  • Access to 'Super Deals' strictly for Venture Partners.
  • Access to all deal flows.
  • Autonomy to select what deals to invest in.
  • Option to participate in or lead due diligence.
  • Share “carried interest or carry” for MAN syndication up to 25%; this is applicable to other angel networks, investment groups, syndicate leads, family, offices, venture funds, endowments, and corporate investors seeking to co-invest with MAN.
  • No transaction fees.

Benefits of Midlothian Angel Network Membership.


Investing in private equity opportunities often means you’re “doing it alone” – but you’re not alone when you leverage the power of an Angel Investing Network. MAN provides access to a rigorous investment evaluation process, which means members benefit from the experience, expertise, and due diligence of an organized and efficient approach to private equity investing.


At our monthly meetings, Startup Founders will deliver short effective presentations of their innovations and business proposals resulting in you seeing far more deals than you could as an individual. Applicant companies are pre-screened so that only the top deals are presented at the live meetings.


Members can lead or collaborate during due diligence based on individual interests and preferences. Participation in these due diligence efforts is entirely voluntary but we highly recommend it as a great way to gain insight into the investment opportunities, learn the process of due diligence and get to know your fellow angel investors. Our members bring a wide variety of skills, knowledge, and expertise to the process.


Receive automatic access to the membership of the Angel Capital Association of America (ACA). Since the Midlothian Angel Network is an affiliate member of ACA, you automatically become a member of the national organization thereby entitling you to attend national meetings, logon to the ACA website with its many resources, and sign up for educational sessions such as the many webinars conducted by top national experts in the field of angel investing

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